Vacation Packing List and Tips

Top Tips for Packing for an Overseas Vacation If you are used to the US generous luggage allowances on planes beware that on most overseas flights not departing/arriving in the US you are restricted to 20kg per a passenger. Trust me that is not very much, fortunately you are not moving overseas permanently!

Remember that if you bring anything that needs electricity e.g. hairdryer,electric razor, camera battery charger, you may need to bring adaptors as well. Do you really need to carry the item: even a cheap hotel often provides a hair-dryer and iron on request. Can you use disposal replacements for razors or batteries?

Baseball caps and tracksuits scream “American Tourist” – if you want to blend in consider alternatives.

Clearly mark your luggage with a distinctive tie or other mark so you can retrieve it easily from the luggage carousel.

Be familiar with the security restrictions for carry-on items particularly fluids. However make sure that you carry essential items such as prescriptions with you, in quantities that will see you through 48 hours if your luggage is mislaid.

Make sure you carry on to the plane your ticket, or E-ticket receipt, passport and a pen – you will invariably have to fill in an arrival form and customs declaration form – which are normally distributed in flight.

Consider local customs when choosing cloths: don’t pack shorts and singlets, regardless of your sex, if you are traveling to the Middle East or other Muslim countries such as Indonesia Malaysia and Turkey. You won’t be allowed into key churches in European countries including Italy and Spain dressed in them either.

What Luggage to Take it all In

Having decided what you are taking on holiday then choose the appropriate luggage, not the other way around.

Your bag should fit what you need to take, don’t pack to fill your bag. Decide on how much you will need to carry your bag :are you hoping on and off European trains, or unpacking once of a cruise vacation? Are you most physically capable of carrying a bag on your back, across your shoulder, or pulling it along.

People with bad backs assume that a roll-along will be best – not necessarily – you end twisting to pull a bag along which can be agony. Consider instead a well fitting, comfortable backpack which is a) not too heavy and b) backed correctly so the weight is carried on the hip belt and through the back of your legs.

Over the shoulder bags are quick and convenient but again not good for long distance carrying when heavy. How much space do you have at home to store your bag when its not being used :soft-sided luggage will take a lot less room than a backpack. However a backpack or duffel back are poor and preventing wrinkles in our clothes.

Any soft sided bag can be more vulnerable to theft than a rigid, locked suitcase. A rigid suitcase will probably give the best protection for delicate items – but seriously consider why you need to take anything delicate.

What luggage to Bring Home

What you took you might be thinking? Normally though I return with quite a lot more than what I left with! Although I normally travel light, I invariably come back with more luggage than I left with. If you plan to do some shopping on vacation, delay it until the end of he trip and then just buy a bag along with your purchases. This saves you from carrying an over large bag in the first place In many countries where there are excellent buying opportunities for those with US$ there is a secondary industry of bag suppliers. I must say to date none of the bags purchased to date have actually survived more than the trip home but they have made the trip home OK–List-and-Tips

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