*** Travel Organizers Perfect for a Summer Road Trip

A summer road trip can be a time of bonding for friends and family. However, without the proper precautions it can quickly turn into a complete disaster. Getting yourself organized for a road trip is often a challenge. Fitting people, luggage and important accessories all into one vehicle can sometimes be a downright struggle. The further challenge comes when you are faced with the task of using those items consistently over a long journey, without leaving things strewn about the car. Packing well, and with the right types of luggage, is a key to organizing your car for practicality and fun during your extensive drive.

Practicality is important when packing your vehicle for a summer road trip. There are few essential items that must be dealt with when packing for your trip. While the car is air conditioned, the warmth of summer is still apparent through the bright sun. This can often lead to significant thirst and hydration issues. It is important to remember to keep many liquids in the car. Consider looking into a soft, insulated cooler pack to hold all of your drinks. Do not settle for a hard cooler, for it can take up more space in your car. Soft coolers that primarily resemble lunch bags usually take up less space and can be stored more flexibly.

If you want to be extremely elaborate, you can even find coolers that will plug into your cars power source and act as mini refrigerators. If you have a lot to store in the way of snacks and drinks, then think about investing in an insulated cooler that hangs over one of the car seats. This can store enough for the entire family, and saves you from time consuming stops along the way.

There are many other practical items that can make storing your essentials easier on a long road trip. A vent caddy is a simple storage device that will hang off of your air conditioning vent. It is partitioned into sections to keep items separate from each other and can easily store your cell phone, important documents, wallet and other miscellaneous items.

Another item that can keep things well organized is a head rest hanger. This two pronged hanger comes off of your headrest, and can hold just about anything while keeping it off the floor. Keeping important items off the floor is important especially if you have passengers. While people may be able to deal with less foot room over the course of a short trip, keeping the floor free of debris is essential over a long trip.

Making your car’s interior work well for practicality is very important for a summer road trip. Turning the car into a fun place to be will make your trip more memorable. Doing this depends greatly on your tastes. When packing, ask yourself if you want to be accompanied by books, music, video, travel games, or anything else to make the ride more enjoyable.

However, storing these assorted goodies well so that they can be enjoyed, but not be in the way, is sometimes a challenge. CDs and DVDs are easy to store on the surface, but making the storage work well will take some effort. A simple sleeve that hangs onto the car’s visors may not hold enough entertainment to cover an extremely long road trip. Try purchasing a larger booklet that holds a good number of disks. It is important to have this case organized in a way that anybody can figure out where to find disks, and where to put them back.

The challenge with books and games comes in storing them when they are not being used. They cannot be buried with the other luggage because they should be easily accessible during the drive to your destination while also not being in the way. Hanging a bag on a headrest hangar can work, but if too much is hanging up, the seat can become cramped. If you are driving an SUV, then try using a trunk organizer. This simple tote will keep your luggage separate from the items you want to get to, leaving them accessible and out of the way.

Preparing your vehicle for a long road trip can be very challenging, and there is a lot to keep in mind. With the right mix of practical organizers, and organization tools that can enhance fun, you can be well set towards a trip that will be memorable for the entire family.


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