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New Zealand is like paradise on earth! Imagine every conceivable geographical and topographical phenomenon crammed into two tiny islands that look like the size of my baby toenail clippings on a world map. Unbelievable! This place has mountains, canyons, waterfalls, glaciers, fjords, rainforests, gorges, rivers, 33 million sheep (down from 80 million), geothermal hot springs, farmland, cities, wildlife, lakes, oceans, and beaches. A mecca for climbers, skiers, posers, shoppers, wannabes, hangers on, hang gliders, bungee jumpers, swimmers, rappelers, sailors, hikers, trampers, campers, fishermen, hunters, boaters, kayakers, naturalists, and gawkers. I gotta tell ya though….the people need a serious attitude adjustment. Australia is bigger and economically richer than you are. GET OVER IT! They’ll never have what you have geographically, and you don’t have a plethora of poisonous… read more

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