Getting Your Motorcycle Ready For A Road Trip

The greatest part of owning a motorcycle is being on the open road. Sure, it can be the most economical type of transportation for trips around town and to work, but the fun really begins when you hit the open road and see the country with a 360 degree view. So, whether you are in town or on an extended trip, make certain that your bike is in the best of conditions – motorcycle safety is the key. To ignore this is to find yourself at the side of the road deciding whether to push your bike to the nearest mechanic, or calling for roadside service, and then sitting in the sun or cold until the bike is either repaired or transported to the repair shop. To insure your motorcycle safety it would be best to take a few precautions before you leave, and prevent any potential problems before they occur.

So, before taking off across the country, or if it’s been a while since you gave your bike the once over, before your next jaunt to work, check out these things for greater motorcycle safety and a better piece of mind:

1.Get out a wrench and tighten all of the bolts

2.Make sure the electrolytes in the battery are at proper levels

3.Change your oil

4.Do a quick check on your coolant

5.Replace any worn shocks or fork springs

6.Make sure your chain has the correct tension

7.Replace leaky fork seals, and check for worn bearings and bushings in the frame

8.It is vital to check your tires – questionable wear equals replacement – a blown tire can be the greatest hazard for a biker

9.Check the brakes

Once the above list has been reviewed and implemented, you’re ready for the trip ahead. Biking either alone or in groups can create the most amazing experiences in your life, so long as the trip does not result in roadside frustration. A little prevention goes a long way when it comes to insuring motorcycle safety and that your trip is a memorable one. Now, kick up some gravel and have fun!

By: Angela Ryder

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